How to Clean Leather Soles of Shoes?

How to Clean Leather Soles of Shoes?

Leather shoes are a classic wardrobe staple. They can last for years if you take care of them properly. In this article, we will discuss how to clean the leather soles of shoes. We will also answer some common questions that people have about this topic. So, if you want to keep your leather shoes looking like new, keep reading!

Things We Need to Clean Leather Shoe Soles

In order to clean leather shoe soles, you will need some basic supplies. These include a soft cloth, saddle soap, water, and conditioner. Make sure that the items you choose are specifically made for cleaning leather shoes as other products may cause damage.

How to Clean Leather Shoe Soles

Step Number 1: Removing the Dirt From the Leather Shoe Sole

The first step in cleaning your leather shoe soles is to remove any dirt or debris that has built up. If the sole is heavily soiled, you can use a soft brush to gently scrub away the dirt. Make sure to be gentle and avoid using too much force as this could damage the leather.

Step Number 2: Scrub, Scrub, and More Scrub!!

Once you have removed all the dirt and debris, it is time to give your leather shoe soles a good scrub. Take some saddle soap or any other leather cleaner and work up a rich lather with a soft cloth. Using circular motions, gently scrub the sole of your shoe until all the dirt has been removed.

Things We Need to Clean Leather Shoe Soles

Step Number 3: Help Remove the Dirt With the Help of Soap or Foam Eraser

If the dirt and grime are still not coming off, you can try using a foam eraser or soap to help remove it. Just make sure that you are gentle when scrubbing as this could also damage the leather. When finished, use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess soap residue.

How To Care For Leather Soles

In order to keep your leather soles looking their best, you will need to take some extra steps. These include:

  • Using conditioner on the leather at least once a month;
  • Storing them in a box or shoe bag when not in use;
  • Polishing regularly with a cream polish that matches the color of your shoes;

By taking these additional steps, you will ensure that your leather shoes retain their look and feel for years to come! [1]

Avoid Moisture and Rough Ground

Leather soles are not waterproof, so it is important to avoid getting them wet whenever possible. Additionally, walking on the rough ground can cause scuff marks or damage the leather. To prevent this, wear shoes with thicker rubber soles when walking on rough surfaces.

Toe and Heel Taps

Toe and heel taps are metal plates that are secured to the toes and heels of your shoes. Over time, these can become worn down or damaged from wear and tear. For this reason, it is important to replace them when necessary to avoid further damage.

Hobnails and Tacks

Hobnails and tacks are small metal pieces that are also attached to leather soles. They can be used to help protect the shoes from wear and tear. If you notice any of these pieces coming loose, it is important to have them reattached in order to avoid further damage.

Applied Rubber Half or Full Soles

Applying a rubber sole is an effective way to protect your leather soles from wear and tear. If you opt for a full or half sole, make sure that you have it professionally done to ensure the best results.

Rubber Non-Skid Pads

Rubber non-skid pads are another great way to protect your shoes from wear and tear. These can be easily applied using adhesives and are highly effective in preventing slips and falls on slippery surfaces.


If your leather soles are beyond repair, you may need to have them resoled. This process involves replacing the old sole with a new one that is made from different materials such as rubber or synthetic leather.

Bonus Tip

Shoes are an important part of our lives, so it is vital to take care of them. Make sure to clean your leather soles regularly and apply the tips mentioned above to keep your shoes looking like new for years to come!


How Do You Protect Shoe Soles?

The best way to protect shoe soles is to clean them regularly and apply a conditioner every few weeks. Additionally, you can also add protective elements such as rubber non-skid pads or toe and heel taps to help prevent scuff marks and further damage.

How Do You Protect Shoe Soles?

How Do You Put Grip on Leather Soles?

A rubber sole or non-skid pad can be applied to the bottom of your leather soles in order to add grip and prevent slipping. This can be done with adhesives or by getting them professionally re-soled. [2] 

Should You Scuff Leather Soles?

It is not recommended to scuff leather soles as this can damage the material. Instead, use a foam eraser or soap and water to gently scrub away dirt and grime. Additionally, you can also apply protective elements such as toe and heel taps or rubber non-skid pads to help keep them looking like new. [3]

Useful Video: How to Condition & Waterproof Soles


If you follow the steps we outlined, you should be able to clean your leather-soled shoes with ease! Do you have any tips for cleaning other types of shoes? Share them with us in the comments below. And if you liked this post, be sure to subscribe to our blog for more helpful content like this delivered straight to your inbox.