How to Hem Leather Pants?

How to Hem Leather Pants?

Leather pants are a stylish and versatile addition to any wardrobe, but they can be tricky to hem. If you’re not sure how to go about it, don’t worry! We’re here to help. In this article, we will discuss the different methods you can use to hem leather pants, as well as provide some tips on how to make the process as easy and painless as possible. Let’s get started!

Does Leather Fray?

Before we dive into the different methods of hemming leather pants, let’s discuss whether or not leather frays. The answer is yes: Leather can fray, although it won’t happen quite as quickly as with other fabrics, such as cotton. That said, it’s important to take steps to prevent fraying if you’re going to be hemming leather pants. [1]

Will Leather Fray if Cut?

Fraying isn’t just a result of normal wear and tear. It can also occur when leather is cut with scissors or other sharp objects. So, if you’re planning on hemming your leather pants, it’s important to consider this risk and take the necessary steps to prevent it.

Can You Sand Leather Edges?

One way to reduce the likelihood of fraying is to ‘sand’ down the edges of your leather pants. This involves using fine-grit sandpaper or an emery board to smooth down any sharp edges or points in the fabric before you begin hemming it. [2]

Does Leather Fray?

What Is Used To Seal Leather Edges?

Once you’ve sanded down the edges, you should use a sealant to finish the job and protect against fraying. There are plenty of products available for this purpose, such as leather binders or edge sealers.

Finishing Leather Edges With Beeswax

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a sealant, beeswax is another great option. Simply melt the wax and brush it onto the edges of your pants using a soft cloth. This will help to prevent fraying while also giving the leather an attractive finish.

Finishing Faux Leather Edges

If you are hemming faux leather pants, the process may be slightly different. In this case, you should avoid using a sealant or beeswax, as these can damage the fabric. Instead, use an electric knife to cut away any fraying edges and finish with a soft cloth.

How Do You Hem Leather Pants?

Leather pants, while they look and feel incredible, can be a nightmare to hem. Getting the perfect fit and length is essential if you want them to look their best. The good news is that with a few simple steps, you can easily alter your leather pants like a pro.

The first step in hemming leather pants is to measure how long you want them to be. Measure from the top of the waistband down to where you want the bottom of the pant leg to sit on your shoe. Make sure that you mark this measurement twice – once on each side – so that both legs are even in length when finished.

Once you have your desired measurements marked off, it’s time for some sewing. Start by folding up the pant leg so that your marked-off measurement is hidden on the inside of the fold. Pin this in place and then stitch along the bottom edge of the fold to secure it.

Next, you’ll want to create a hem around the outside of the folded fabric. To do this, take another length of thread and sew a straight line along the outer edge of your first stitch. This will create an even seam all around and give your pants a finished look.

Finally, make sure to test out your alterations before running any more stitches through them. Try on your pants with shoes or socks on to check for fit and adjust accordingly if needed. Once you’re satisfied with how they feel, you can finish off your hem by running a few more stitches over the top of the first ones to make sure that everything stays in place.

How Do You Hem Leather Pants?

How To Hem Leather Pants Without Sewing

If you don’t have access to a sewing machine or are simply not confident in your ability to sew, there is still hope for hemming your leather pants. Instead of stitching them up, you can use an adhesive fabric tape such as Stitch Witchery.

To use this method, start by measuring and marking off the length of your pant legs as before. Then fold the excess fabric back on itself so that your marked-off measurements are hidden inside the fold. Now take your fabric tape and attach it along the folded edge of each pant leg. Make sure to press down firmly so that it sticks properly and isn’t likely to come undone over time. 

Once the adhesive has had time to set (usually around 10 minutes), you can try on your pants to check for fit and adjust accordingly if needed.

With either method, once you’ve finished hemming your leather pants you should use fine grit sandpaper or emery board to smooth out any sharp edges or points in the fabric. This will ensure that your new hem looks neat and professional. You can also use a sealant like a leather binder or edge sealer to protect against fraying, or alternatively use melted beeswax for an attractive finish.

Where To Hem Leather Pants

When it comes to where you should hem your leather pants, we recommend that you have them done professionally. This is especially true if you are working with real leather pants as they can be a bit more difficult to manage than faux leather.

A professional tailor or seamstress will have the expertise and experience needed to make sure that your alterations look perfect the first time around. If this isn’t an option for you, there are other places you can take your leather garments such as shoe repair shops or dry cleaners who may also be willing to help.

How To Hem Faux Leather

Hemming faux leather pants is a fairly straightforward process and can be done easily at home. The same measuring and folding techniques mentioned above will work, although if you are feeling brave you could try using fabric glue to secure the hem in place.

Start by cutting off any excess material from the bottom of your pant legs. Then measure and mark off the length that you want them to be (just as with real leather). Once this is done, fold up the extra material so that your desired measurements are hidden on the inside of the fold. Secure this in place with some fabric glue or pins then stitch along the edge to finish it off.

Finally, run a straight line of stitches around the outer edge of your fabric to create a neat and tidy hemline. Once this is done, you can use sandpaper or an emery board to finish off the edges of your fabric and make sure everything looks professional.

No matter what type of leather pants you are hemming, the key is to take your time and pay attention to detail.

How To Finish Leather Cord Ends

If you have chosen to hem your leather pants with a cord, then you will need to finish off the ends of that cord to make sure everything looks neat. This is a fairly simple task that can be done with a lighter or by melting some beeswax over the ends of the cord.

To start, use scissors to cut your cords down to size so that they are about two inches longer than what you need for your hemline. Then use a lighter to seal off both ends of each piece of cord (you may want to practice this technique first on some scrap material). Once this is done, thread the cords through one another as described above and tie them in place securely before trimming off any excess.

To finish, you can melt some beeswax over the ends of your cords to seal them in place and give a neat finish. You can also purchase leather cord ends that are already pre-melted for a quick and easy solution. [3]

How To Hem Faux Leather

Can You Hem Leather With Glue?

Yes, it is possible to hem leather pants with glue. This method can be a bit tricky and time-consuming, but if done properly it can produce great results.

To begin, you will need to measure and mark off your desired hemline just as you would with any other fabric. Cut off any excess material then apply adhesive such as fabric glue or contact cement along the edge of the hemline. Once this has had some time to set (about 10 minutes), try on your pants to check for fit and make any necessary adjustments.

Once everything looks good, press firmly along the edge of your hemline to ensure that it sticks securely in place. You may also want to use a sealant such as a leather binder or sealer to help strengthen the bond and keep everything in place for longer.

If you’re looking for an easy way to hem leather pants, then glue may be a great option for you. Just make sure that you take your time and practice first on some scrap material so that you can get comfortable with the technique before tackling your real leather pants.


How do you hem fake leather pants?

The process for hemming fake leather pants is similar to that of hemming genuine leather. You will need a sewing machine, scissors, pins, thread, and fabric tape measure. Begin by taking the measurements of your legs where you want the hems to hit. Cut off any excess material at the bottom of each pant leg with scissors before pinning the hems in place. Once pinned, sew along each edge with a straight stitch. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end to secure the seam. Finally, remove any loose threads with a pair of sharp scissors and wear your newly hemmed fake leather pants with confidence!

Can you use hemming tape on leather?

Yes, you can use hemming tape on leather. This is a great option if you don’t have access to a sewing machine or need to make quick adjustments. To use hemming tape, start by measuring and marking your desired hemline with fabric chalk or pins. Then cut off any excess material along the edge of each pant leg. Next, adhere the hemming tape to the inside of the fold in each pant leg and press firmly so that it sticks securely in place. Finally, trim off any excess tape before wearing your newly hemmed leather pants!

Can you use hemming tape on leather?

Can I use hemming tape on faux leather?

Hemming tape is not recommended for use on faux leather material. The adhesive can react with the waterproof coating and cause damage to the fabric. Instead, you should use iron-on hemming webbing or stitch the hem along an invisible seam. [4]

Can you cut leather pants with scissors?

Yes, you can cut leather pants with scissors. It is important to use sharp and heavy-duty scissors for this job as regular fabric scissors may not be able to handle the thicker material. Be sure to measure twice and cut once to get an accurate fit. If you’re not confident in your measuring skills, it might be a good idea to have someone else help out by taking measurements or holding the material while you cut. This will ensure that the final product is something that you love!

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Thanks for reading! We hope you found this guide on how to hem leather pants helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Until next time, happy sewing!