Singer 31-15 Leather Sewing Machine Review

Singer 31-15 Leather Sewing Machine Review

The Singer 31-15 Leather Machine is a powerful and reliable sewing machine for leather craft projects. It has a powerful motor, advanced needle threader, and adjustable stitch length and width. This versatile machine can handle both lightweight and heavyweight materials with an automatic presser foot lift for easy fabric control. Whether you are looking to create handbags, wallets, shoes or other leather items, the Singer 31-15 Leather Machine is a great choice.

What Is a Leather Sewing Machine?

A leather sewing machine is a special type of sewing machine designed specifically for working with leather, vinyl and other thick materials. Leather machines have stronger motors to handle the thicker material, longer needles to penetrate deeply into the fabric, and adjustable stitch length and width settings. The Singer 31-15 Leather Machine has all of these features, plus an automatic presser foot lift for easy fabric control. [1]

Types Of Leather Sewing Machines

Cylinder arm machines

Cylinder arm machines, such as the Singer 31-15, are well suited for sewing and heavier fabrics. This type of machine offers a larger throat area for working on large projects and also has more powerful feed dogs which can better handle thick materials. The cylinder arm design helps to make it easier to insert thicker layers of fabric without bunching or wrinkling. [2]

Flatbed machines

Flatbed machines, such as the Singer 4452, offer a much more traditional sewing experience. This type of machine is typically used for lighter fabrics and more intricate projects where accuracy and precision are key. The flatbed design helps to ensure consistency in stitch length and offers better control over fabric manipulation while working on smaller items. [2]

Post bed machines

Post bed machines, such as the Singer 4411, are great for leather upholstery and thicker fabrics. As the name implies, this type of machine has a post in the center that allows you to insert multiple layers of fabric at once without bunching or wrinkling. The post also helps to provide extra stability while sewing heavier materials. [2]

Post bed machines

What Is a Singer 31-15 Leather Sewing Machine?

The Singer 31-15 leather sewing machine is a heavy-duty, mechanical workhorse. It’s designed to handle heavier materials like leather and canvas with ease. It has a robust construction that makes it durable and reliable, as well as easy to use. The Singer 31-15 also offers many features that make working with heavier fabrics easier and more efficient, such as an adjustable stitch width and length, a presser foot with two levels of pressure, and a needle threader. [1]

A Little Background

The Singer 31-15 leather sewing machine has been around since the late 1800s and is still one of the most popular machines for leatherwork. It is a heavy-duty, single needle lockstitch model that features a solid construction with chrome plating for durability. The “31-15” indicates the number of stitches per inch that the machine can sew.

The Singer 31-15 is a great choice for leatherwork projects, from making wallets and cases to saddle stitching and binding thick hides. It is also suitable for sewing canvas, cotton fabrics, upholstery materials and synthetic leathers. The stitch length can be adjusted with a dial on the front of the machine so you can easily alter the look of your project. [1]


This sewing machine from Singer offers a range of features that allow you to get creative with your leather projects. With its adjustable stitch length, adjustable presser foot pressure and an automatic reverse function, this machine has all the tools you need to make professional-looking garments or accessories. It also includes an automatic buttonholer, automatic thread tension control and adjustable needle positions. The Singer 31-15 is made from a heavy duty steel frame that offers stability and durability when sewing thick leathers.

In addition to all of the features mentioned above, this machine also allows you to work with a variety of fabrics. With its 13 built-in stitches, you can experiment with different looks for your projects. The 31-15 also includes an LED light for improved visibility when sewing in low-light conditions. [1]


Singer 31-15 Leather Sewing Machine is a great choice for leather sewing projects. It features an adjustable presser foot with 4 settings, a reverse lever for secure seams, and an automatic needle threader. This machine has a top loading bobbin system with transparent cover for easy monitoring of the thread supply. It also includes 15 built-in stitches to accommodate various sewing projects, and a spacious free arm for easier sewing of cuffs and collars. It has a maximum stitch length of 4mm and a 4-step buttonhole feature to give you perfect results on every project. [1]


Machine Applications

The Singer 31-15 leather sewing machine was designed to be used on leather, fabrics, upholstery, and other thick materials. It is equipped with a powerful motor that runs at 1,500 stitches per minute making it one of the fastest machines in its class. The stitch quality is excellent thanks to the reliable feed dog system which ensures even stitching. The Singer 31-15 also features a reverse feed lever which makes it easy to stitch in reverse and eliminate puckering. The unit includes up to nine adjustable stitch length settings, allowing for different types of stitching patterns.

In addition to leather, the Singer 31-15 can be used on multiple layers of thick fabrics such as denim and canvas without any issue. It comes with a powerful bobbin winder and thread tension dial for precise control of the thread. The machine can also handle zigzag stitching, allowing you to create unique patterns on any project. [1]

Accessories for the Singer 31-15

In addition to the basic sewing machine, you can purchase a variety of accessories for the Singer 31-15 leather sewing machine to make your projects easier and more precise. The most popular accessories include bobbins, needles, threaders, seam rippers, measuring tapes and cutting mats.

Bobbins are an essential part of any sewing machine and the Singer 31-15 comes with three metal bobbins that can each hold up to 100 yards of thread. Different types of materials require different size needles, so it’s important to have a set of needles that are compatible with your particular type of leather. The Singer 31-15 also has a built-in automatic needle threader that makes threading needles incredibly easy.

Seam rippers are also a must-have item for leather sewing projects, as they are used to remove stitches without damaging the material. The Singer 31-15 comes with a small seam ripper that is perfect for removing stitches and making corrections quickly and easily. [1]


The Singer 31-15 leather sewing machine is well-equipped with a variety of safety features. The presser foot guard prevents the needle from striking any part of you or your project while in use. It also includes an automatic needle threading system, which makes threading the machine easy and efficient. The reverse stitching lever allows you to easily correct mistakes without having to start from the beginning. Additionally, the machine has a built-in storage tray for easy access to all of your sewing supplies and accessories. [1]

Advantages of a Singer 31-15

The Singer 31-15 leather sewing machine is an excellent choice for anyone looking to sew leather, upholstery or heavy-weight fabrics. It has many features that make it ideal for hobbyists and professionals alike.

It’s equipped with a powerful motor – capable of sewing through thick layers of fabric with ease – and adjustable presser foot pressure, allowing you to customize the stitch quality according to your project. The machine also features a reverse lever so you can go back and reinforce any weak spots without having to start over from scratch.

The Singer 31-15 is built for durability with its metal body and all-metal gears for long-lasting use. It’s also equipped with an adjustable needle position and a built-in thread cutter, allowing you to quickly switch between projects without having to stop and search for the right tools.

The machine also comes with an assortment of accessories that make it even more practical, such as binder feet, piping feet and buttonhole attachments. It also includes extra needles and bobbins so you can always keep your supplies stocked. [1]

Advantages of a Singer 31-15

Disadvantages of a Singer 31-15

Unfortunately, the Singer 31-15 Leather Sewing Machine does have its drawbacks. The most common complaint is that it can be quite noisy when operating. It also lacks some basic features that are found in other more expensive models such as adjustable presser feet and topstitch capability. Additionally, the stitch quality on this model is not as consistent as higher-end models.

It also has a limited selection of materials that it can sew through and is not compatible with thicker fabrics such as denim or corduroy, which means you may need to purchase additional accessories to be able to work with these types of material. Additionally, the machine has a tendency to jam when attempting thicker fabric. Lastly, it does not have a speed control option, meaning users cannot slow down or increase the speed of the machine when needed. [1]

What to Consider Before Buying a Sewing Machine for Leather?

Type of Leather Products

When choosing a leather sewing machine, it’s important to consider the type of leather products you want to make. The Singer 31-15 is a great choice for small and medium projects such as bags, purses, wallets, or belts. It can stitch through thick leathers up to 8 ounces with ease due its powerful motor and adjustable presser foot. If your project requires tougher fabrics like upholstery leather or heavier weight leathers, you may need to consider an industrial strength machine. [2]

Motor Type

The Singer 31-15 is equipped with a powerful motor that can handle the toughest of leathers. It has been built to last and offers customizable settings for stitch length, width, and tension. This machine also features an adjustable presser foot that allows you to easily switch between different types of leather fabrics without having to adjust the settings manually. [2]


The Singer 31-15 features an oscillating shuttle hook type, which is best suited for leather sewing projects. This type of shuttle provides superior stitch quality and less strain on the fabric. It also offers a larger range of flexible stitch patterns that are perfect for creating unique and professional designs on your leather goods. [2]


To ensure proper function of the machine, it is important to regularly lubricate the moving parts. The Singer 31-15 comes with a special leather lubricant that helps maintain the longevity of your machine and keeps it running smoothly. It is recommended to lubricate the shuttle hook, needle bar, and feed dog periodically to keep them in top condition. [2]


Can Any Sewing Machine Sew Leather?

Yes, any sewing machine can sew leather. The important thing is to choose the right needle and thread for the job. Leather needles have an extra-sharp point and are designed specifically for stitching tight curves or thick layers of fabric. When it comes to selecting a thread for your project, look for polyester threads that don’t break easily since they won’t damage leather. [1]

Do I need a special sewing machine for leather?

Yes, you do need a special sewing machine for leather. Leather is thicker and tougher than fabric and requires additional power to penetrate the material. It also requires special needles, threads, and other accessories to sew successfully. A regular sewing machine won’t be able to handle leather effectively, so it is important to invest in a good-quality leather sewing machine like the Singer 31-15 Leather Sewing Machine.

This industrial-grade machine is built to handle all types of leather, from lightweight upholstery leather to heavy-duty leather hides for garments and accessories. It features a powerful motor, adjustable speeds, and high take-up lever that make it easy to sew with accuracy and precision on even the thickest leathers. [1]

How do I get my sewing machine serviced?

If you need to get your Singer 31-15 Leather Sewing Machine serviced, the best place to start is by contacting the company that sold it to you. They will be able to provide advice on where and how you can have your sewing machine serviced. It is important that only authorized technicians carry out servicing of a sewing machine as they are trained professionals who know what they are doing. [1]


What is the history of Singer 31-15?

The Singer 31-15 is a vintage sewing machine that dates back to the late 1800s. It was originally manufactured by Singer Manufacturing Company, which was then acquired by the White Sewing Machine Company in 1901. The 31-15 was a mid-level model and was popular for its durability and reliability during this period.

What is the history of Singer 31-15?

What is the price of a 31K15 sewing machine?

The price of a 31K15 sewing machine varies depending on the condition of the model and the seller. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 for a used Singer 31-15. If you’re looking for a brand new model, they generally cost more than $1000.

What size needle does a Singer 31-15 use?

The Singer 31-15 uses a size 16 needle.

Which is the best model for a Singer sewing machine?

When it comes to Singer sewing machines, the 31-15 is one of the most reliable and durable models available. It has a strong construction and can handle heavy-duty fabrics with ease. Additionally, it comes with all the necessary accessories and features that make it perfect for both beginner and experienced sewers.

Are Singer machines better than Brother?

Singer and Brother both make excellent sewing machines, so it really comes down to personal preference. However, Singer is known for its durability and long-lasting performance, while Brother is often praised for its ease of use. Ultimately, the best way to figure out which model is right for you is to read reviews and compare features.

What is the number 1 sewing machine?

It’s impossible to say which sewing machine is the absolute best, as each model has its own unique features and benefits. However, according to Consumer Reports, the Singer 31-15 is one of the highest-rated models on the market today. It offers a range of features and accessories that make it perfect for both beginner and experienced sewers alike.

Which is the best sewing machine for home use?

The Singer 31-15 is a great option for home use. It’s easy to use and comes with all the necessary features and accessories that make it perfect for a variety of sewing tasks. Plus, its durable construction ensures that it will last through years of heavy-duty sewing. Additionally, it’s relatively lightweight and compact, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

Which sewing machine is the strongest?

The Singer 31-15 is one of the strongest and most reliable sewing machines on the market today. It has a robust construction, making it perfect for heavy-duty fabrics and larger projects. Additionally, its easy to use features make stitching tasks quick and effortless.

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In conclusion, the Singer 31-15 Leather Sewing Machine is a great choice for those in need of a reliable and durable machine. It has many features to help with almost any project you would like to tackle. The included accessories and built-in stitch patterns make it user friendly and can help you create projects quickly and easily. With its reasonable price point, it is an excellent option for beginners or experienced sewers alike. Whether you are looking to create clothing, upholstery, or even leather projects, the Singer 31-15 Leather Sewing Machine should be your go-to machine! Thanks to its reliable performance and convenient features, it can help you bring all your sewing dreams to life. Happy crafting!