How to Clean Suede Gloves?

Suede gloves are a great way to add a touch of style and elegance to your wardrobe. Whether you prefer the classic look of brown or black suede, or something funkier like pink and blue suede, it’s easy to find a pair that will make you stand out in any crowd. But with all of the natural oils and lotions we use on our hands, it’s easy for these gloves to become stained and dirty. Fortunately, there are a few simple methods that can help keep your gloves looking their best. Here, we’ll cover how to clean suede gloves and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about caring for them.

What Exactly Is Suede Material?

What Exactly Is Suede Material

Suede is a type of leather made from the underside of an animal hide. Its soft, velvety texture makes it a great choice for gloves, and its durability ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite pair of suede gloves for years to come.[3]

Suede’s Advantages And Disadvantages

Suede is a type of leather, yet it’s much softer and more delicate than other forms. It has advantages and disadvantages:

  • On the plus side, suede gloves are extremely comfortable to wear and have a luxurious feel which makes them particularly popular for formal occasions.
  • They also offer excellent insulation from cold weather conditions, making them ideal for winter months.

However, they are also more difficult to clean than other forms of leather and can become stained easily if not properly cared for. With the help of a few simple tips, you can keep your suede gloves looking like new all winter long![3]

How To Clean Suede Gloves With A Suede Eraser

How To Clean Suede Gloves With A Suede Eraser

Step 1: Stir The Glove’s Nap Up

The best way to bring back the nap of your suede gloves is by stirring it up. Take a clean, dry toothbrush and gently brush it across the surface of the glove in small circular motions. This encourages the fibers to rise up and become fluffy.[1]

Step 2: Clean The Gloves With A Suede Eraser

Once you’ve gotten the nap of your suede gloves looking freshly stirred, it’s time to get rid of any stubborn stains or marks. Start by carefully rubbing a suede eraser over the surface of the glove in circular motions. Make sure to not apply too much pressure as this could cause damage to the delicate material.

Suede erasers are specifically designed for cleaning suede and can help to remove dirt, oil, and other types of stains from the fabric.[1]

Washing The Suede Gloves’ Watermarks

Washing The Suede Gloves’ Watermarks

Step 1: Rinse The Work Glove

Rinse the glove thoroughly with cold water. This helps to loosen up any dirt and debris remaining on the suede. Make sure to rinse both sides of the glove.[1]

Step 2: Press The Paper Towel On The Glove

Once the glove is properly rinsed, take a paper towel and gently press it against the watermarks on the suede. This will help to remove any excess water still present in the area.[1]

Step 3: Dry The Glove

Once the watermarks are no longer visible, use a blow dryer to dry up the suede glove. Keep the blow dryer at least 10 inches away from the glove to avoid overheating it. Make sure to keep moving the blow dryer around so that all areas of the glove are completely dried.[1]

Step 4: Stir The Glove’s Nap Up

Once the glove is completely dry, use a suede brush to stir up the nap and bring back the original texture of the glove. Make sure to use gentle strokes when brushing so you don’t damage the fabric. Also, make sure not to brush too hard or too often as this can cause excess wear on the material.[1]

Eliminating Harsh Stains With Vinegar

Eliminating Harsh Stains With Vinegar

Step 1: Soak The Cotton Cloth Into Vinegar

If you have a particularly tough stain on your suede gloves, vinegar is the answer. This is because of its anti-bacterial properties and acidity which help in removing stubborn dirt and stains. To do this, take a cotton cloth and soak it into white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Make sure that the cloth is completely immersed in the vinegar.[1]

Step 2: Apply The Vinegar On The Dirt Marks

Once the cloth is soaked, squeeze out the excess vinegar and gently dab it on the dirt marks of your suede gloves. You need to be careful while doing this as you don’t want to damage the fabric or leave any watermarks behind. Gently rub the area with a soft brush to remove all traces of dirt and vinegar.[1]

Step 3: Rub The Cotton Cloth On The Dirt Marks

Once the dirt marks are removed, you can use the same cotton cloth again to rub on the area lightly. This will help in restoring the color and sheen of your suede gloves. You need to be gentle while rubbing as excessive pressure may damage the fabric.[1]

Step 4: Dry The Gloves

Finally, you need to let the gloves air dry. You can place them in a well-ventilated area and leave them overnight. Once they are completely dry, you can wear your spotless suede gloves again![1]

Other Ways To Care For Your Suede Gloves

Other Ways To Care For Your Suede Gloves


If you want to make sure your suede gloves stay looking good for longer, waterproofing them is a great way to do so. You can purchase a waterproofing spray or wax specifically designed for use on suede items. In addition, you may also consider treating your gloves with a repellent product that will help protect the material from dirt, dust and water.[2]

Suede Cleaning Kits

If you’re serious about keeping your suede gloves clean, you may want to invest in a cleaning kit. These kits typically come with specially formulated sprays and creams that are designed to work specifically on suede items. They also usually include a soft brush or cloth for gently removing dirt and stains from the material.[2]


Can Suede Work Gloves Be Washed?

Yes, you can wash your suede work gloves. However, it is important to take care when washing these delicate items because they require a specific method of cleaning or they could be damaged in the process. Here are some tips for successfully cleaning them:

What Is The Best Way To Clean Suede?

The best way to clean suede is by spot cleaning. Spot cleaning is a method of cleaning that focuses on treating individual stains or marks rather than the entire item. To do this, use a soft bristled brush and gently apply pressure, using small circles to lift any dirt or dust from the surface of the gloves.

How Do You Clean Suede Sheepskin Gloves?

How Do You Clean Suede Sheepskin Gloves

Cleaning suede sheepskin gloves can be tricky, as you must take extra care not to damage the delicate material. First, gently brush off any dirt or dust with a soft bristled brush and vacuum if necessary. Then spot clean the area by lightly dampening a cloth in water and dabbing it onto the surface of the gloves.

Can Suede Be Hand Washed?

Yes, you can hand wash your suede gloves. However, it is important that you use lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Soak them for no more than 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water before laying the gloves flat to dry away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Additionally, make sure not to rub or wring out the gloves as this could cause them to stretch.

Will Soap And Water Mess Up Suede?

Yes, soap and water can damage suede if it isn’t done properly. It is important to use a mild detergent with lukewarm water and to not soak the gloves for too long. Additionally, make sure not to wring out or rub the gloves when washing them as this could cause stretching or discoloration.

Is It Ok For Suede To Get Wet?

Yes, suede can get wet as long as you take the necessary steps to ensure that it is cleaned and dried properly. When cleaning, use lukewarm water with a mild detergent and be sure not to soak the gloves for too long. And when drying, lay them flat away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Is Suede Real Leather?

No, although suede is a type of leather, it is not considered to be real leather. Suede is created from the underside of the animal hide which has been split into two layers and treated with chemicals for added softness. This makes it more susceptible to damage than regular leather.

Does Suede Get Dirty Easily?

Yes, suede is prone to getting dirty quickly because it has a nap that can trap dirt and dust particles. Therefore, it is important to clean your suede gloves regularly to maintain their appearance and longevity.

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Cleaning suede gloves may seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually quite simple. All you need is a few supplies and some patience. Start by brushing away any dirt or debris from the gloves with a soft-bristled brush. Then, spot treat any stains or discolorations with a gentle cleaning solution or a DIY recipe. Once you’ve removed the spots, use a suede protector spray to create an extra layer of protection against future staining and wear. Following these steps will help keep your suede gloves clean and looking their best for years to come!

Finally, avoid using harsh chemical cleaners on your gloves as they can damage the fabric or fade the color. Additionally, keep your gloves away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight as they can cause them to shrink or fade. With a little bit of care and attention, you’ll be able to enjoy your suede gloves season after season!

We hope this article has been helpful in teaching you how to clean suede gloves!